What I’m up to now


The previous time I updated this page was September 2017 - more than a year ago!`

Although it has been a memorable year, I shall devote the rest of the content for the purpose of this page - what I am Currently up to.

I am still working, learning and spending time with great colleagues at Futurice. When not at the office, most of my time is spent in Porvoo. Taking the 1-hour bus ride twice a day between Porvoo and Helsinki has become an indispensable part of my daily routine.

I have been fasinated my Mathematics and Physics, and try to learn about the subjects whenever I find the time. It all started when I stumbled upon professor Leonard Susskind’s “The Theoretical Minimum” courses on classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, special relativity and classical field theory. I also found clear guidance from professor Gerard ’t Hooft’s list of topics to study. Besides, open courses on MIT Open Courseware have been a joy to follow, especially ones with full video archive. What amazing teachers those students have! And now I get to experience a part if it.

Audio books / books that I recently came across and loved:

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